Zero Fatalities Agreement

“While there have been 50% fewer cars on the roads in the last two months, we have seen more DUIs and deaths than last year,” Street said. Zero Fatalities aims to eliminate the deaths on our roads. Some may think that zero is an impossible goal, but when it comes to your life or the lives of your friends and family, what other figure would be acceptable? We want zero deaths because everyone is important. So start by saving your own life and join us today on the path to Zero Fatalities. Use the Parent-Teen Driving Agreement as a guide to set clear rules when your teen drives an adult unsupervised. Feel free to change the agreement in any way to meet your budgetary needs. If your teen is involved in defining these rules, they are more likely to follow them. Read the laws of the Utah GDL here. The graduate driver`s licence allows new drivers to learn, over time, the driving skills and gain the experience necessary to become safe drivers. Young people obtain a “limited driver`s license” and have certain driving bans such as no night driving, restrictions on who may be in the vehicle and the amount of supervised driving time they must have before obtaining a full driver`s license. Watch how these parents and teens answer questions about Utah`s graduated driver`s license laws.

How would your answers compare? This campaign includes the creation of new research-based marketing materials for television, outdoor, radio, presentations and digital media. Keep in mind that once your teen driver is fully licensed, it doesn`t mean they`re suddenly a driving expert. There is still much to learn. Studies at the Children`s Hospital of Philadelphia show that the risk of crashes is lower when parents of newly admitted teens set initial restrictions on driving privileges. Our Zero Fatalities team spends much of the year crossing the state to give more than 32,000 high school students and their parents nearly 1,000 safe driving presentations. During the presentations, parents and teens discuss how to improve their own behavior to make Utah`s roads safer, and then make personal commitments to each other to make safe decisions behind the wheel.