Utilities Kingston Collective Agreement

1. Keep and configure HRMS data to ensure accuracy and support various organizational initiatives. 2. Fill in time and attendance entries to ensure accuracy and follow them as needed. 3. Advise and answer questions about group benefits, pensions and life insurance. 4. Save, delete and make status changes in group and retirement plans. 5. Contact with staff and health care professionals to ensure a safe and quick return to work.

6. Track and monitor staff accommodations to ensure adequacy of activities. 7. Report time-wasting incidents to WSIB and the full reporting required. 8. Give executives instructions on the interpretation of the collective agreement, policies and procedures, compensation and internal systems. 9. Keep abreast of labour law updates affecting the company and communicate the changes to the relevant stakeholders.

10. Manage the recruitment, selection and boarding of new employees. 11. Coordinate HR training and ensure compliance objectives are met. 12. Supporting the management of the organizational learning management system and training development when needed. 13. Coordinate WSIB monthly payments. Providing service excellence to the Kingston community – our multi-utility model is made up of interdependent groups linked by this collective goal.

The development of the next generation of professionals is important to us. Through our employment opportunities for students, hands-on experience helps to pass on the skills, knowledge and training needed in the fields and trades of our sector. In 2015, we gave 18 students the opportunity to get meaningful employment at Utilities Kingston in a variety of positions, including communication, information systems, procurement technologies, water and sanitation services, billing and credit, and hydroelectric and commercial services. At the end of each month, the work program updates a list of collective agreements expiring this year, which include 500 or more employees in provincial regions and 100 or more employees in federal jurisdiction. Employees tell us that Kingston Utilities is a great place to do a great job.