Subject Verb Agreement Upsr

Sentence level: PracticeTheme: Event 7 Brainstorming of verbs and etiquette according to number. 3. 2. 5.1. 4. KEJOHANAN SUKAN SK CINCAUListe the verbs of the image. You make sentences What? (Things/Places) Where? Direct verbs participated in the sprint event. 1. Join/join 2. won first prize. 3. 4. 5.

Win or win 30 sentences Level: PracticeTheme: Incident 8 Brainstorm and label according to number.1. 2. 3.4.List the verbs in the image. 5. Direct verbs Make sentences1. Go/ who what? (Things/Places) Where?2. lac/saw went to a nearby river.3. saw a boy who drowned.4.5. Write 30 sentences based on the given image and words exercise 11. Study the image.2. Brainstorm verbs and create sentences.3. Whenever possible, use the form of the past.4.

Then add the subject to form sentences.