Stamp Duty On Agreement Of Sale In Karnataka

1. You can give the certified copy of sale.agremeent with the letter that the original is to the bank, as well as receipt of the obligation indicated by the Registrar for deductions. 2. If you decide to pay the full stamp duty at the time of registration of the absolute deed of sale without deduction, the contract of sale is valid with its conditions, as stipulated in the contract of sale. Why do you want to pay stamp duty once again, if you have already paid 0.01% on the sales contract, at the time of registration you need to present the initial sales contract to designate purposes, the bank representative brings the initial sales contract on the day of registration. This is not a big effort for the bank. You should ask them to bring the initial sales contract. 2. The contract of sale is stamped with a stamp duty of 0.1% (in Karnataka), which is charged against the stamp duty that you must pay when registering the deed of sale.

2. Yes, if you do not want to benefit from the deduction and want to pay the full tax again, you can continue. If they do not bring the document on the day of registration, you must pay the full stamp duty, which is not illegal, but is fully valid. The sales contract will also not be invalidated or cancelled because you have paid the full stamp duty. 1) If you file a registered deed of sale in the same registry office, your deed of sale of housing is. Then builder shouldn`t have a problem. If the registrar agrees with your scenario and can already understand for your housing, you have paid 0.001 percent. 1. Obtain a “copy of the document” from the relevant registry office. Copies subsequently certified and used to replace the original. 1.

It is true that the initial sales contract must be presented to the SR office to claim the deduction of stamp duty paid at a rate of 0.1% on the total underperformance of the sale. SR Office retains the original sales contract after the buyer has obtained the benefit of the receivable. On the basis of the Xerox copy of the sales contract, the deduction of stamp duty cannot be invoked. 2. Yes, absolutely. The only thing you pay on the deed of sale in addition to stamp tax without claiming a deduction for the tax already paid 2. The initial sales contract remains valid because it is a registered document 2) A sales contract is the basic document on which a transmission instrument is drawn up. it documents the fundamental understanding between the parties and binds the parties 3. I do not know why a separate certificate of sale is made when there is already a registered sales contract between you and the client.

That`s enough to make the headline. Years: You can obtain a certified copy of the sales contract from the client to obtain the necessary relief. 2. Yes, it is valid and perfectly legal if you pay full tax and do not take deductions. 2. Will the original contract of sale be valid at the same time as the general terms and conditions of sale if, during the registration of the deed of sale, I pay the full stamp duty without being deductible by 0.001 percent already paid? 1. . . .