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The Erasmus programme is an EU education programme that encourages exchanges of European students. In addition to organisational facilities, the programme also offers the advantage of eliminating tuition fees abroad and being able to easily recognise learning benefits from abroad in Germany through “learning-agreements”. In addition, some foreign universities only welcome students through the Erasmus programme. After studying AVWL, I obtained a master`s degree in finance and accounting from Otto Friedrich University in Bamberg. In addition, I am a member of TryBe e.V. In other institutions of higher education and universities, it is possible to obtain a master`s degree in economics, for example. More information and information on internships and language courses are available here. 20.01.2014: Thomas Eichner, University of Hagen: Self-enforcing International Environmental Agreements and Trade: Taxes versus Caps, 18:00-19:30, VG 2.35 10.06.2013: Sascha Becker, University of Warwick: The Impact of Public Employment: Evidence from Bonn (with Stephan Heblich and Daniel M. Sturm) 02.12.2013: Andreas Lange, University of Hamburg: On Transparency and Accountability: Evidence from an Asymmetric Public Good Game 11.04.2016: Marina Schroeder, University of Cologne , Quantity , Quality and Originality – The Effects of Incentives on Creativity 08.10.2014: Rudi Stracke, LMU Munich:Competing for Market Shares: Why the Order of Moves Matters Even When it Shouldn`t, 12:00-13:30, VG 2.35 If a company is to be advised in a qualified manner, it is necessary, among other things, to obtain complete information about the company and the sector. 04.11.2013: Uwe Hassler, University of Frankfurt: Persistence under Temporal Aggregation and Differencing Stays abroad can be made at both a European university and overseas partner universities. In addition to organising such a stay abroad, it is mainly proposed to set up existing programmes such as Erasmus or the programme at partner universities. Unless stated otherwise, the seminar takes place on Mondays, 16:00-17:30.

This seminar will take place as a Zoom-meeting until further notice (see below). 20.06.2016: Susanne Goldlecke, University of Konstanz, Assigning an unpleasant job without payment In addition to its very positive space equipment, the VWL-Bachelor also secures a place in the leading group in the field of teaching offering. Teaching “attaches great importance to the practical application of economic theories,” says the CHE ranking page.