India And Russia Agreement 2019

India can also help Russia provide labour for activities such as agriculture and construction[87] without participating in a permanent regime. Given that the situation in Russia`s Far East, which has a population of only six million and is constantly facing migration,[88] is particularly acute, India can provide a solution to the demographic problem, as well as being a partner in investing in energy and other projects in the region. The two sides are already discussing the issue, as well as the issue raised during talks between Prime Minister Modi and President Putin at a meeting on the sidelines of the SCO summit in June 2019. They found that skilled Indian labour could be used to develop the region. [89] Strengthening bilateral cooperation between private companies in India and Russia, particularly in the area of advanced technologies, can be a potential area of cooperation. India and Russia have signed 15 agreements to improve bilateral cooperation in various fields, including oil and gas, mining, road transport and coal. [35] CNBC, “India becomes the largest foreign buyer of U.S. weapons” called July 18, 2019. Nevertheless, Russia`s market share ensures that it remains a critical supplier for India, both for new weapons and for spare parts. Military-technical cooperation, which includes technology transfers and joint production, is a unique and extremely valuable relationship for India. The 2014 low was also corrected and major intergovernmental agreements were signed at the 2016 annual summit, including the delivery of the S-400 Triumph Air Defence Missile System and four Admiral Grigorovich class frigates [39] (contracts were concluded in 2018) and a shareholder contract for the manufacture of Ka-226T helicopters in India.

The Russian Rossotrudnichestvo Representation (MMR) founded five Russian Science and Culture Centres (RCSC) in India in 1965, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and Trivandrum. [98] THE director of the MMR and director of RCSC, Fyodor Rozovsky, expects the cultural ties between the two countries to develop. [98] He and other officials also expect that the number of Indian students studying in Russia will increase as soon as the two countries sign an agreement on joint recognition of university degrees. [99] [100] [101] There is a Hindi department at Moscow University with five indology chairs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Vladivostok. [33] PTI, “India attaches the utmost importance to relations with Russia: Sushma Swaraj,” called July 2, 2019. [3] Ian Anthony, “Economic dimension of Soviet and Russian arms exports,” SIPRI, accessed 25 May 2019. 60. They stressed the need for a framework for cooperation between BRICS COUNTRIES in the area of security in the use of ICT, including through the conclusion of an intergovernmental agreement between the association`s member states. 21. Heads of state and government see immense potential for cooperation in the area of non-nuclear fuels and energy. India and Russia welcome the successful interaction between JSC Rosneft Oil Company and the consortium of public oil and gas companies in the implementation of the Vankorneft and Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha projects, the work of the Nayara Energy Limited oil refinery, cooperation in the extraction of hydrocarbon resources over the past two decades , as well as the timely supply of liquefied natural gas under the agreement between Gazprom and GAIL India.

The parties agreed to cooperate in the delivery of coking coal from the Russian Far East to India.