Contractor Health And Safety Responsibility Agreement

When a contractor employs workers, they are subject to the employer`s obligations under the law. Employers and workers must be in good faith to find, develop and maintain an agreement on the development and maintenance of a system of worker participation. 2.5.2 Employers have a documented health and safety system that is effective and complies with the requirements of the law and the rules and codes of conduct relevant to the implementation of ongoing actions, including at least the following: contractors should confirm that they have relevant information about the health and safety of the person for whom they work. , such as. B: 2 According to Section 65(1) of the Employment Relations Act 2000 (“ERA”), the agreement must have a written employment contract. NB: As of July 1, 2011, employers are required to keep a signed copy of the employment contract or current terms of employment. The employer must maintain the “draft agreement” even if the employee has not signed it. Employees are entitled to a copy upon request. When selecting a contractor, the contractor or his agent should evaluate his or her fitness, including health and safety processes and experience, to enable him or her to choose the best. The owner should plan the work and discuss it with the contractor. If both parties have agreed on the extent of the work, the director must submit a work recipe, including a harvesting or cutting plan, a planting or spraying recipe, or specifications.

This document should describe in detail the work plan and scope, including the amending procedures. Examples of information to be included in the work order include: each employer must provide employer workers with appropriate opportunities to participate effectively in ongoing processes to improve workers` workplace health and safety. If you are a contractor, you have the responsibility as one or more of these people: where there are several licensees, this must be decided and documented from the planning phase. The contract could indicate that the contractor or the client may submit several notifications per year. Section 46A – Persons trained in on-site health and safety may issue hazard references Often, a client acts through an agent or manager. The agent can plan the work, execute the tendering process, select contractors, write the contract and manage the process from start to finish. However, the contractor continues to hire contractors who do the work. The agent may have control over the client`s accounts and pay the holder on behalf of the client, but he is not responsible for the obligations of a client.