Boat Installment Sale Agreement

16.4 The buyer agrees that it will be held liable for any shortfall if the proceeds from the sale of the goods are not sufficient to reimburse all sums due under the contract. 1. Payment. The seller sells to the buyer the items (goods) described above under the conditions indicated below. Buyer agrees to pay the net price or time price indicated below in instalments, as set forth below, and undertakes to pay it to seller or its recipients at its offices at the address indicated above or at another address that seller may deliver in writing to buyer. It is agreed that contracts, that one or more that exist between the seller and the buyer and have an unpaid balance of ______ until the total hourly balance is paid as indicated. In the event of a delay in contract proven by this instrument, the existing contract is also considered to be in default: 20.1 This contract is binding on and benefits from the parties, their assigns, legal representatives and beneficiaries of the assignment. Note: For the sale of a vehicle, motorcycle or boat, free special tempet sales contracts are available. .