Blackboard Service Level Agreement

The modifications that together constitute an original work of fatherhood are a “derived work.” Derivative Works does not include and Open LMS does not obtain any rights regarding customer ownership or confidential customer information or content developed by the customer or other customer materials used in conjunction with open LMS materials, but which are not based on or derived from open LMS materials. b. “Open LMS Property” is defined as: all materials, including, but not limited, computer software (in object and source code or as a hosted solution, including, without restriction, all interfaces), script, programming code, data, database diagram, web usage statistics, HTML information or script, design elements, formulas, documentation, open LMS models, formatting, CGIs, Javascripts, PL/SQL code, other applications, content, training material, software or other technologies manufactured, designed, developed or supplied by Open LMS or its suppliers, as well as all trade secrets, know-how, methods and processes related to open LMS products or services, including, but not limited to all copyrights, trademarks, trademarks patents, trade secrets and other property rights. Open LMS Property must not belong to Moodle® open source software code or other Moodle owners. For the purposes of this calendar, there is no “blackboard property” that is replaced by “Open LMS Property”. c. “The third part plugin” is defined as: means each plugin included by Open LMS in its Power or Joule code base, which was not created by Open LMS and is not part of the moodle basic offering. Among the sources of third-party plugins, there is a provider, a community supervisor or current Open LMS or former customers. d. The parties agree that there is nothing in this contract to give the property of Moodle® open source software code or any other Moodle property.

E. Effect of termination. At the end of this agreement, all schedules and order forms will be automatically and immediately terminated and all licenses granted under this Agreement will be immediately fine-tuned. After the termination, the customer will immediately stop using the materials granted under this contract and will pay Open LMS all the sums due and to pay. In the event of termination before the expiry of the term of an order schedule or form, the open LMS customer must immediately pay any fees that are due or would be due if no termination had taken place. Each party: (a) will immediately cease to use the other party`s confidential information; (b) delete all confidential information from the other part of its computer memory or other media, including, but not limited to, online and offline libraries (subject to standard backups for archiving purposes in the normal course; provided that confidential information held in accordance with these procedures is subject to the confidentiality provisions of this agreement); and (iii) will be destroyed after 14 days or after the election of the other party to the other party all copies of the confidential information of the other party then in its possession, provided that, as far as the customer`s content is concerned, the customer will make his decision to refund LMS or destroy this data at least 14 days before the termination of the contract. If the customer correctly requests the return of customer content, Open LMS returns the customer`s content within 14 days with all tables and files in the same format as the same version of Moodle® open source software code used for Open LMS SaaS Service on the day of termination.