Authorization Agreement To Bill Tenant

Interim Ownerships Water and Sewer Accounts: Revenue Services is responsible for the maintenance of the City of Ottawa`s water supply accounts. In order to allow water distribution companies to be billed to buyers who took possession of a condominium during the “intermediate occupancy period”, the City updates the water supply account in the buyer`s name and invoices accordingly. The incomplete authorization agreement for billing rental forms is returned to complete. The tenant account is only opened when the form is duly completed. The City of Ottawa offers landlords 2 opportunities to make tenants responsible for water and wastewater costs: manual applications can be filed by filling in and printing the rechargeable screen. Currently, a fee of $72.50 USD is charged for each request. The city will receive a final reading by the deadline. A final invoice is then sent to the owner of the property at the service address, unless the request is to send the final invoice to another location. It`s new! If no vacancy period has occurred between the rental agreements, your account as a registered landlord may avoid the above fees if you submitted your authorization agreement to the “Bill Tenant” form (below) for the new tenant prior to the change of occupancy date. Either the lessor or the tenant can ensure that the tenant is billed directly by providing the completed authorization agreement form for the allocation of invoices.

The provision of all the required data on the form facilitates the immediate updating of our records and thus reduces unnecessary costs for owners and / or tenants.