Agreement In Oald

The good news is that in August, California struck an agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to scale up this effort, with the goal of treating one million hectares a year over the next two decades. I agree with a lot of things. I heard Nancy Pelosi say she didn`t want to leave until we reached an agreement. For obvious reasons, the conclusion of such an agreement would have required the presence and signature of both candidates. This application has many grammatical errors, especially when it comes to subject-verb concordance. For example, the meaning of the word “yuppie” is described as – a young professional who lives in a city and earns a lot of money that he spends on expensive and fashionable things – it`s not “spending them.” It should be “he came out” instead. Such errors are not acceptable by an application like this. You can also check other dialects: Accord (English, 中文解释), Wordnet Sense, Collins Definition VERB + AGREEMENT arrive, arrive, get, I hope we can reach an agreement. The two sides did not reach an agreement.

| Nodded He nodded favorably. | We will have to get the agreement of the city council. Such an agreement currently exists for pandemic influenza, Phelan notes, but not for any other type of disease or vaccine. In November 2014, this agreement was extended by four months, with some additional restrictions for Iran. With the fall of offerings, it became common in many societies to seal an agreement by waving or clapping hands, that is, related and synonymous hands. The kiss of Lamourette An ephemeral reconciliation, especially the one that is rendered incorrect; an ephemeral approach; deception; An intelligent or cunning deception. The lamourette in this expression was Abbé Lamourette, a French politician who, on July 7, 1792, convinced the many contradictory groups in the French Legislative Assembly to set aside their differences and work together for the common good. After many demonstrations and protests against peacebuilding, lawmakers soon fell into their previous hostilities, but with even more hostility and grudge than before.

Since then, the term has been used in the image, most often with regard to temporary or inaccurate political agreements. By agreement, all parties met at Indian Spring to consider a second contract in early February 1825. That decision went hand in hand with a bipartisan agreement to offer all registered voters the opportunity to vote by mail or early vote, according to the Louisville Courier Journal. Lump sum offer An agreement or transaction in which all conditions must be accepted or rejected; an all-or-nothing agreement or plan that involves the acceptance of one or more negative elements as a precondition for achieving a generally favourable objective. . . .